Expanding Your Network: A Quick Memory Jogger Guide

Everyone Is A Potential Opportunity

Your existing network is a gold mine! Here’s a condensed memory jogger to help you identify potential customers or recruits for your XtreamFX Global Academy business.

Family Members

Think of all your relatives, including distant ones. Their interest in XtreamFX could be a win-win!


Everyone from your children’s teachers, your mail carrier, to your past coworkers could be potential contacts.

Online Connections

Your digital network across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms can be an excellent source of potential leads.

Professionals In Your Network

From your accountant to your hairdresser, these individuals could become valuable business partners or customers.

Service Providers

Those who provide you services, from your insurance agent to your car mechanic, might be interested in the opportunities offered by XtreamFX.

Places You Frequent

Places like your gym, local cafe, or even your child’s daycare center can be hubs for potential contacts.

Every person you meet is a potential link in the chain of your growing business. Seize the opportunity and make the most of your network!


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