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          Stay up-to-date with our comprehensive calendar that features all upcoming events, webinars, and training sessions. This tool will help you keep track of important dates and opportunities for learning and networking.

          You can find the calendar in your back office under "Education Class Schedule".

          Our detailed compensation plan outlines how you can earn through our affiliate program. It provides an in-depth explanation of the various income streams available to you, including direct sales commissions, residual income, and bonuses.

          CLICK HERE.

          Our Forex Academy Syllabus is your roadmap to mastering the world's largest financial market. It outlines our comprehensive Forex education program, detailing the course structure, topics covered, and learning outcomes.

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          Telegram is a cloud-based messaging app with a focus on speed and security. It allows you to communicate with your XtreamFX Global Academy community, get updates, and receive support in real-time.


          MetaTrader is a popular trading platform for Forex, CFDs, and futures markets. It offers a suite of tools for comprehensive technical analysis, trading systems, and algorithms, essential for your trading activities.

          Setup an Account on TradingView

          TradingView is a social network for traders and investors on Forex, Futures, and Stock markets. View live quotes, stock charts and expert trading ideas. Set up an account to start strategizing your trades.

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          CashApp is a mobile payment service that allows you to transfer money to others instantly. Setting up a CashApp account will enable quick and easy transactions related to your trading activities.

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          Stay abreast of all the exciting developments within XtreamFX and your local community by connecting with the following events:


          Look out for Super Saturday’s near you for an intense day of learning and networking. It’s a great way to kickstart your weekends!


          These are exclusive events where you can learn more about the business and network with other members of the community.


          Every Monday to Friday, we host opportunity calls where you can learn about new ways to grow your business and increase your earning potential.

          Zoom ID: 3956945225

          Password: WEALTH


          Starting your Education


          Watch Each Video: Begin by watching each video in the provided resources. These videos are designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of our services and methods.

          Take Detailed Notes: As you watch each video, take detailed notes. Writing down the information will help you retain and understand what you're learning.

          Review Your Notes: After you've watched all the videos and taken notes, review your notes. This will help solidify the information in your mind and show you if you've truly understood what you've learned.

          Attend Live Sessions: Lastly, make sure to attend the live sessions available in the back office. These sessions provide you with the opportunity to learn in real-time, ask questions, and interact with others in the XtreamFX community.

          C.O.R.E. Academy, an acronym for Creating Opportunities & Resources for Empowerment & Enrichment, is a comprehensive training program designed to introduce and hone your trading skills. It covers key concepts including:

          • Introduction to Risk Management: Understand the importance of mitigating risk in your trading activity, and learn practical strategies to do so effectively.
          • Support and Resistance: Master the critical concept of support and resistance, enabling you to predict potential price reversals and breakouts.
          • Trendlines: Learn how to identify market directions by drawing and interpreting trendlines.
          • Types of Charts: Gain a fundamental understanding of different chart types and learn how to extract valuable information from them.
          • Trading Styles: Discover various trading styles and identify the one that suits your interest and personality best.

          Residual Income and Organization Building

          Embark on a journey to understand the power of residual income and learn how to build a large and successful organization. Our Affiliate Programs provide you with the opportunity to earn consistent income for every affiliate and/or student you personally sponsor.


          connect with us today!

          At XtreamFX Global Academy, we’re always excited to welcome new individuals to our community. We believe in the power of financial education and the opportunities it can unlock for everyone. If you’re considering joining us and have questions or would just like to learn more, don’t hesitate!